Newton: Camera it bag


Her first creation was the NEWTON, the ideal companion for every discerning photographer. A fashionable and functional handbag, so that you can have your camera and accessories separated from the other objects filling your handbag.

The two compartments are adaptable according to your camera and use and allow you to be practical without compromising on style.


All materials and finishing have been carefully selected thanks to Victoria’s experience of working in fashion production for over 10 years.


This first NEWTON collection is available in 3 color combinations.

In addition to your handbag, Line Jagot, allows you to also have a matching camera strap in the same material as your handbag. 

Being passionate about photography, always taking your camera with you and wearing a trendy handbag: it may seem simple but actually combining the three is not that easy.


Victoria, a Paris based stylist/fashion designer/globetrotter, grew-up in the countryside, spending her afternoons creating art in her grandmothers atelier.

From a young age she was immersed in a world of colors, creativity, form and joie de vivre inspired by both her singer/dancer/illustrator mother and landscape painter grandmother (whom’s name was Line Jagot).

Now a successful fashion executive, passionate about photography and always on the move, she could never find the right bag… 





With the creation of Line Jagot, Victoria launched the first handbag specially designed to be fashionable and functional, allowing you to take your camera and everything else with you, be it for the day or a trip around the world.


Having learnt the fashion trade and production methods in various different french Maisons, Victoria could assure the best in materials and production for her own creative designs.


The choice to launch her own brand was not by chance but a culmination of her passion, her experience and creative free spirit. 


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